Neil Atkinson

Recently spent a bit more than a week climbing with Sim, and if you want a safe, knowledgeable, and kind guide, he's your guy.

As far a the safety goes, I've been climbing outside over fours years with a preference for trad climbing and I certainly picked up a few things from Sim about anchors. Additionally, he has a habitat of analyzing any given situation before he commits to the plan. Combined with years and years of experience with his systems, he's got you covered.

When it comes to knowledge, he's literally written the book on climbing in Bernal and in Aculco he took me to world-class routes that I had completely missed when exploring the area on my own. Jilotepec? Yeah, he showed me what's what there too.

Lastly, the man is a gem. I witnessed him clean up areas, install better anchors using his own materials, and volunteer his time to help others. Moreover, it's motivating just to be around him and his happiness is contagious.

Thanks for everything Sim!

Says Neil Atkinson from Halifax, Nova Scotia