Come and experience Mexico with a premiere guide service at the forefront of rock climbing South of the Border.  SouthernXposure is a union of the best rock climbing guides from all over the North American Continent.


What we Do

We are developing the areas, the routes, and the infrastructure on terrain that is destined to become the focal point for the best climbing, not only in Mexico, but also encompassing all of the northern continent from Canada to the tip of South America.  

Our Mission

SouthernXposure is building a base of eco-tourism that will provide sustainable jobs for Mexican families local to the areas we guide. From sun up to the moment you lay your head down to sleep everything is localized to the towns we inhabit.  

The artesian artwork purchased in Bernal is made in Bernal. The cheese, wine, and pastries in Aculco are produced from cows, grapes, and bakeries in Aculco. The climbing area in Jilotepec is Ajidal. It is owned by a farmers union that dates back to the second revolution of Pancho Villa. We as a guide service promote land stewardship and are working with El Ajido de Jilotepec to develop the area sustainably, while providing an income stream for these farmers to use for future improvements which include erosion control on the climbing and hiking trails, improvements on the roads leading to the cliffs, and a fund to change out aging gear on original lines. 

Climbing with SouthernXposure is more than a yearly climbing trip.  Spending time with our guides is an excursion into the future of climbing as we know it.  We are at the forefront of sustainable activities between land owners and climbers.  We are building a future for the next generation of locals to take pride in what they do to prosper, while embracing their local heritage.  We are proud of the work we do with local communities and it shows. Come and experience all the beauty Mexico has to offer with the professional guides at SouthernXposure.