How do you like the sound of the world’s tallest porphyritic monolith? 


Climb the monolith

Bernal’s Peak is the tallest single upright block of stone in the world, with Australia’s Uluru being a close second and Zuma Rock in Nigeria coming in at third. The monolith is a leucocratic-igneous plug* of volcanic stone that stands proudly above the town of Bernal, and the valley floor below. Bernal’s Boulder is porphyritic (almost monocrystalline) which is similar to granite, but has much smaller crystals. The rock, although incredibly hard, does not hold traditional gear, thereby allowing the routes to be safely ascended on fixed protection. The beautiful color of this plug is due to the lack of iron and magnesium within the igneous rock. Come and experience this magnificent stone. Technique is a must.

*Geological Society of America

Explore the town of Bernal

San Sebastián de Bernal was founded in 1647 and lies within the foothills of the Sierra Gorda Mountain Range. At 8,253 feet above sea level, and a mere 1,400 miles north of the equator, Bernal (as it is more commonly referred) is the land of never ending springtime weather. San Sebastián de Bernal is located forty minutes east of Querétaro City, in the state of Querétaro.  The town is known throughout Mexico for its cultural, and architectural beauty. The climbing in Bernal is absolutely amazing (to this there is no doubt). Spending a rest day admiring the 17th century architecture, exploring the beautiful craft shops, eating at delicious restaurants, and possibly attending a play at the open air theater will complete your experience and answer the question of why we are guiding in this town.