Why Mexico?

Here is a glimpse into the question of why for anyone in the process of booking a climbing trip (of a lifetime) with SouthernXposure. 

I was sitting with a friend a good number of years ago and he asked me, "Why México?" He remarked, "You could guide anywhere on the Northern Continent and you decided on México as a home. Why?"

I look back on that day and my answer is as relevant today as it was back then (which now seems a lifetime ago).  To answer this question the most logical place to start is the climbing.

My life as a climber, climbing guide, and route developer has set me on this path of constant exploration. The discovery of new areas to map out, new rock to climb, new techniques to build upon, and new routes to develop is what drew me to this region of Central México.  There is an abundance of differing types of volcanic rock within a small geographic area.  This attribute for visiting climber translates into a mind altering bang for the buck (peso) in a short amount of time.

Imagine incredible climbing on three different variations of pristine volcanic rock, in three completely different eco-systems, in a warm southern climate at an incredibly affordable price. 
The three areas (lovingly referred to as “The Triple Crown”) that we are professionally guiding, and you will have the opportunity to visit (dependent on total days guided) are magnificent, and completely different from one another. 

Peña de Bernal at 8,235 feet above sea level is like nothing else I have ever experienced. An enormous monolith where the only way to the top is by technical rock climbing. With the starting altitude in Bernal, and the elevation gained by climbing to the summit, the total elevation is just shy of 10,000 feet above sea level. The view from the summit is extraordinary. On a clear day it is possible to see the snowcapped volcanoes of Iztaccihuatl, or Orizaba. I am asked why Peña de Bernal? Incredible climbing on a Porphyritic monolith, exploring the [*magic] town of Bernal, and lastly getting to know the wonderful people who live and work in this beautiful town. 

The second stop while climbing the Triple Crown is La Concepción which lies outside the town of Aculco de Espinosa. This area is also widely known as the “Indian Creek” of  México, and in all reality, is the best crack climbing I have found on the Northern Continent. The basalt is extremely forgiving on the hands, and because of the nature of the rock almost all of the footwork is outside the crack. These variables allow climbers to build their technique without the usual pitfalls of crack-climbing. 
Why La Concepción? Climbing in a beautiful river valley, while living, and exploring in the [*magic] town of Aculco. 

The third and final stop while visiting The Triple Crown is Las Peñas de Dexcani alto outside of Jilotepec de Abasolo. This climbing area is like nothing else on the Northern Continent. Imagine a 100% natural overhanging climbing gym in an oak forest at 8,500 feet in elevation. 
Why Las Peñas? There is nothing else like this area that I have ever seen. In my opinion Las Peñas is the best single pitch sport climbing in México. 
Whether climbing the porphyry of Bernal, the basalt of Aculco, or the volcanic tuft of Las Peñas de Dexcani, one underlying theme is constant; a guided exploration of beautiful majestic climbing areas. 

The big picture~
Climbers need to see what I have seen, and climb what I have climbed. To visit these towns is like stepping back in time to an era where Main Street is still resides on Main Street. Come visit the beautiful artesian markets, and the quaint towns that haven’t changed but a blink of an eye in a hundred years. Lose yourself wondering the streets in a place that time has all but forgotten.  
As a guide I am entrusted to get you to the cliffs, provide a fantastic experience vertically through my skill and knowledge, and safely return you back to civilization after our day is finished. You are trusting my judgment, and experience.

Trust me as you read this. This climbing trip could change your outlook on life. 
Variety is the spice of life.  Come and climb with us in a country renowned for its spiciness!