'Active' Rest Days are the best Days.

Let's be honest with one another; Climbers for the most part plan all their vacations around climbing.  When I was young growing up in the "country" as we called it, my best friend had an unruly Siberian Husky. That dog would sit and stare out the closed screen slider for hours upon hours waiting for anyone to make the mistake of opening the door with him near it.  In a split second the dog would be out the door running free never to look back. Those days of chasing the dog all over the countryside seem like a lifetime ago now.  We were kids driven crazy trying to understand why this dog who had it so good living with his family would run away? And keep on running, with no intention whatsoever of coming back once free.

Climbers are very similar to that dog. Even with all the seriousness of everyday life in this civilized world, we are always looking at that screen door waiting for the opportunity to make a break for it. Where are we going? What can we climb? How long can we extend our trip? We maximize every second of every day for the freedom only found only in the hills.



Which brings me to the subject of this blog post, and more importantly, why we chose this area of Mexico to build SouthernXposure as the premiere guide service South of the Border.

What do you do to maximize your days off when not climbing with us? 

Of course the climbing is stellar, and the towns surrounding the cliffs are exquisite (please browse through our testimonials written by visiting climbers), but what is nearby to keep the psyche high when your muscles need a break between the crack climbing clinic, the overhanging tuft, or ascending the big wall?  

When sitting still on a rest day just isn't going to happen, you have options.   

Here is a list of a few of the best attractions absolutely worth a visit on an Active Rest Day~



The thermal pools just outside San Miguel de Allende are pristine. Get up early and take a ride to one of the most beautiful colonial towns in Mexico. Walk the streets, visit the many art galleries, eat brunch, then soak in the hot springs all afternoon. These thermal pools are fun for the entire family. Don't just take our word on how extraordinary the town and hot springs are to visit, do your research as well. What a divine way to spend an active rest day.



Seriously cool for the entire family. Have you ever been to ancient ruins? Any pyramids? Any architectural marvels of this size and magnitude? Teotihuacan is a mind blowing experience for Dad, Mom, and the kids.  What's better is we can provide a Social Anthropologist we are friends with to meet you on sight. He will spend the day explaining anything Teotihuacan. 


The Great Goddess and Tlaloc. The interrelation of these two is about as interesting as an active rest day can get..... 

Again, take the time and research this ancient Mesoamerican City.  


Take a day and explore this mountainous region of Mexico. The three hour drive is best done in the early hours of the morning. Driving through this high altitude farming region is amazing. The mountain views, and working farms on the way to the biosphere make for incredible photos. Once in the reserve set your feet loose and have an active rest day hiking like no other. 

SouthernXposure provides an experience of a lifetime. We guide the most beautiful areas on the Northern Continent, and provide our guests with a litany of choices to fill up the hours, and days when the body has had enough of the vertical world.

We wholeheartedly believe that how you spend your time when not being guided is as important as when we are sharing a rope together. 

If you have any questions drop us an email, or give us a call. We are always available. 

Come and explore Mexico with a clear view of the SouthernXposure.