I believe we are all explorers at heart. When I was a child my friends and I would wander through the woods surrounding our houses endlessly in search of new discoveries.  Everything new was old, and everything old was new.  We would forage around anywhere, anytime looking for clues of the past trying to make sense of what we would find. This exploration is what sets us on a path of who we will eventually grow up to become. To me the wonders of the world all stem from the unknowns. Come and explore Aculco de Espinoza. Discover for yourself the past that is still alive today in the form of ancient Indian drawings, magnificent mountain peaks, or old world architecture that connects the past with the present. 

Who? When? and Why?

Is this Otomi? The original Native American tribe that inhabited this area of México.  These natives founded the town of Aculco around 1110 AD, and were eventually pushed out by the Nahuas tribes, commonly known as the Mexicas, that eventually built the Aztec empire. 


The beautiful thing about exploring is that what you see, and find, while delving into the unknown is forever ingrained in your mind's eye. When you read that we as a guide service 'provide experiences that last a lifetime' believe it. Wandering around this beautiful reservoir on a rest day, leaving no stone unturned, is a perspicacity of an extraordinary culture that is gone but never forgotten. Explore these lands afoot while resting your tired muscles for another day's vertical gains. 

La Presa del Tepozán is a truly magical place.

Serenity is; the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil. We chose these climbing areas as they are as fantastic vertically as they are horizontally. Your experiences with us whether you are tied in, on-belay, are equally as important as when you are off-belay adventuring on your own.  

Walking through the fields surrounding this mass of water will bring you a peace and serenity which is becoming increasingly hard to find in this modern world. The beauty of a climbing trip with SouthernXposure is when your strength fades and a rest day is needed, the exploration continues. In Aculco de Espinoza it is easy to go from vertical to horizontal exploration. Just bring your lunch, a sense of adventure, and comfortable pair of shoes.

Let us take care of the rest.